Weiterbildung Data Science




Prof. Dr. Göran Kauermann

Chair of Applied Statistics in Social Sciences, Economics and Business,
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics, LMU


Telefon: +49 89 2180 2220

Göran Kauermann is an acknowledged expert in the field of applied statistics. After his degree in mathematics and doctorate in statistics at the TU Berlin in 1994 he was postdoc at the University of Chicago, USA and became senior lecturer at the University of Glasgow, Scotland. In 2003 he became full professor of statistics at the University of Bielefeld and since 2011 he is professor at LMU Munich. Kauermann has numerous publications in the field of applied statistics. Since 2016 he is speaker of the international elite graduate program "Data Science" at LMU Munich and has led numerous data science research project including industrial applications. Prof. Kauermann is a founding member of the German Data Science Society.