Weiterbildung Data Science





The Data Science Certificate Program combines theoretical basics with application-oriented contents. It runs a red thread through a comprehensive knowledge area with a wide range of additional information. Profound with a lasting effect - Thank you very much! - Dr. Marcus Häse

"I am not working with data on a regular basis. Data Science and Machine Learning were just buzzwords for me. However, as a mathetician I am very interested in the ideas and theories behind those buzzwords. The Data Science Certificate Program provided exactly the information I needed. Thanks to the very competent and friendly staff." - Julian Mühlbauer, KfW

"A very dense course covering all areas of interest for Data Scientists with outstanding lecturers that not only give a broad overview of their topic but also allow discussions of any level of detail and in-depth. I definitely recommend the Data Science Certificate Program for anyone dealing with modeling and/or analyzing data, especially in natural science." - Dr. Kristina Wolf, BioNTech Small Molecules GmbH

"The Data Science Certificate Program includes all essential fields a professional data scientist should cover. It emphasizes the proper understanding of the most important mehods and enables the participants to choose the appropriate method from a rich toolbox. The lecturers strike a good balance between background theory and real-life applicability." - Yanko Punchev, Tecta Invest

 "Very nice overview of an interesting topic with super professional teachers giving a deep insight, thanks!"
- Oliver Kühnle, Uni Credit Bank AG

"When you take a class from the authors of the best machine learning package in R, you can be sure to learn something useful." - Karl Trela

"Highly professional. State of the art Data Science." - David Lorentzon

"This program provided me with a strong and structured insight into what it means to be a data scientist, from understanding and working with data and databases, to building a robust predictive model, all the way to presenting and visualizing the results. Attending this program was an eye opening experience that I really enjoyed (especially the neural networks, unsupervised machine learning and blockchain modules). Great instructors, great atmosphere! Happy that I had a chance to visit the SuperMuc and the Virtual Reality Lab." - Anne-Marie Filip-Beil