Weiterbildung Data Science




Dr. Giuseppe Casalicchio

Department of Statistics,
Faculty of Mathematics, Informatics and Statistics, LMU

Giuseppe Casalicchio received his Ph.D. in 2019 from the LMU. His research interests are in the field of interpretable machine learning and in the evaluation, selection as well as benchmarking of machine learning algorithms. He is an active developer of a variety of R-packages, including mlr: Machine Learning in R, OpenML: Open Machine Learning in R and iml: Interpretable Machine Learning in R. Giuseppe Casalicchio worked in the Statistical Consulting Unit (StaBLab) as a statistical consultant and data scientist from 2011 to 2015.

During his doctorate, he organized more than 50 training courses in Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning in close cooperation with the Unit for Professional Training at the LMU. Due to the great success of these courses, he has been the certificate course administrator of the Data Science Certificate Program at the LMU since 2017 and is thereby significantly involved in the conception, organization, and planning of the program.